EU selects IICC/IHE Laboratory Analytical Workflow (LAW) for eHealth European Interoperability Framework (eEIF)

The European Union selected 27 IHE Integration Profiles to be part of the eHealth European Interoperability Framework (eEIF) and to be referenced in public procurement tenders in Europe, including the IICC/IHE Laboratory Analytical Workflow (LAW):

Other IHE LAB domain profiles selected include:

  • Laboratory report (XD-LAB)
  • Laboratory Testing Workflow (LTW)
  • Laboratory Code Set Distribution (LCSD)

The text of Commission Decision (EU) 2015/1302 of 28 July 2015 on the identification of ‘Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise’ profiles for referencing in public procurement can be found here


Serge Jonnaert
Chief Marketing Officer

Plan ahead for the IHE NA Connectathon 2016! (Jan 25 – Jan 29, 2016)

Vendors that are interested in testing their LAW Profile implementation are invited to participate in the IHE NA Connectathon 2016 event that will take place Jan 25th through Jan 29th at the Cleveland Convention Center in Cleveland Ohio. The following vendors have already committed to participate: Abbott, Beckman Coulter, bioMerieux, Clinisys, Data Innovations, Orchard Software, Roche, and Siemens Healthcare. Registration starts Monday, September 14, 2015!

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