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IICC at AACC 2013

By all accounts, the IICC’s booth at the AACC 2013 Annual Meeting & Expo was a great success! The booth featured a variety of offerings including an overview of the IICC and its accomplishments, live demonstrations of LAW and personalized sessions with organizations interested in adopting LAW.

Six LAW demonstrations were conducted during the event, and all of them exhibited the real-time plug-and-play ability of the profile. Anne-Gaëlle Bergé, an engineer from the IHE team who helped to develop LAW, was present to assist in the demonstrations. The five IVD and LIS companies participating in the event included Abbott, Orchard, Siemens, Sunquest and Sysmex. Those present assisting the IICC with the demonstrations represented four different countries, making LAW a truly collaborative and international improvement in clinical laboratory medicine.

The personalized sessions were greatly appreciated by the 25 to 30 organizations that seized the opportunity. Rob Bush, a member of the Board of Directors of IICC and the founder of Orchard Software, reached out to a number of groups exhibiting at the Expo. After hearing about LAW, they responded with enthusiasm. After interacting with the IICC, virtually every organization indicated that they planned to adopt LAW, and a number indicated that they would formally commit to adopting the standard.